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These days, there are few things more stressful for parents and students than the college choice and application process. It carries what can be felt as extraordinary pressure for your child to make one of the most important decisions in his or her life. Its many logistical and technical features that have made the process increasingly tricky to navigate can make even the most experienced families in the college process feel overwhelmed. Thankfully, our signature W.I.S.E. Method of Educational Planning allows you to experience the entire college search process with less stress, more sense of purpose, and greater confidence as you benefit from our decades of collective experience in education.

As student-centered educators, we guide you and your child away from the many societal distractions and the disinformation that contribute to raising your family’s stress level. We work from within a deep personal relationship with your family that empowers a sense of both reason and optimism in a process that aims at finding and achieving the right college fit.

We believe that the college process, when done right, is one of meaningful, even exciting and inspiring, self-discovery. After all, high school students naturally exist in a developmental phase of learning about themselves. Harnessing the college process to help optimize that self-discovery is our college counselors’ expertise and reward. With decades of experience in the field, our college counselors are also industry leaders positioned to guide your child through the many logistical challenges that come with an increasingly complicated college search and application process.

We help you resist the misleading noise of rankings and prestige, correct the misconceptions of what goes into a great application, and provide reasonable, strategic guidance around the frenetic focus on standardized testing. A disproportionate emphasis on the complicated details of the college process only detracts from the overall objective: helping your child find meaning in and successfully navigate finding the best-fit college. That’s what we’re here for. It’s a journey of discovery for both the parents and the student — we are your guide.

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CEO/Developmental Psychologist

Along with husband Don, Dr. Sarah McMillan manages the team of McMillan Education counselors. In close collaboration with the practice’s leadership team, Sarah enjoys continually enhancing the best guidance practices of the group by developing and delivering regular in-house supervision and professional development trainings focused on education and child, adolescent...