Independent Educational Planning

McMillan Education frequently works with students throughout their educational career, guiding them from elementary school placement, to secondary boarding and day school planning, then to college, and even right through graduate school placement. Over the decades, we have been privileged to have gained the trust of so many who understand that our close and personalized planning process means we strive to develop a caring relationship with your family. In fact, many students we have counseled return for guidance for their own children.


Searching for the right independent day or boarding school where your child will thrive can be a daunting task. We develop meaningful, long-term relationships with families like yours to explore a range of educational settings until together we discover the right school fit for your child.

Your child deserves a successful and personally fulfilling college search experience. With the whirlwind of disinformation and the external pressures circulating around your child, the promise of a de-stressed, well-informed college process that produces results may seem impossible. It’s well within your reach with our seasoned and caring college counselors.

We understand that the decision to pursue a graduate degree is a life-changing choice that should provide the foundation for your future vocational success and personal fulfillment. Learn more about how we can help you reach your goals.