Team Approach

The McMillan Education team is made up of carefully selected, seasoned educational professionals. We are a team of experts who know much more than best practices for admissions.

McMillan Education counselors come from the classroom, playing field, dormitory, college and graduate seminar room and lecture hall, and direct work with students, those who achieve at high levels and those who struggle with learning or emotional issues. This knowledge of the inside workings of educational institutions and programs —combined with our collective expertise in child, adolescent, and young adult development — allows us to remain focused on your child’s potential for success in his her or next educational setting.

As student-centered, whole-child educators, we know that each phase of education is, in itself, not a destination, but a step toward the desired outcome every parent has for a child: a successful, purpose-filled, enriched adulthood based in career and relational fulfillment. Our educational counselors keep an eye on the ultimate goal while carefully and deliberately charting out your child’s path toward that potential.


We are excited to introduce you to our newest members of McMillan Education! Amy Christie and Chris Hawk are critical additions to our team, allowing us to continue to serve a wide...