What Students Should Know

In the planning process for school-aged children, students follow the guidance of both the parents and the McMillan educational counselor. We will explain to you the steps and calendar involved in the school search process, and also detail what you can expect during school tours and visits. We know the school admissions officers very well, and when they see you, we will have already provided them information about your interests. And before the visit, we will practice an interview with you and explain how the tour and visit are organized. After your interview, we will set up a Google doc and coach you through the applications and essays.

College-bound students gradually take ownership of the process as parents understand that adolescents need independence to successfully engage with our counselors directly and openly. Our college candidates frequently text us between meetings/Zoom conferences or Skypes and candidly share hopes and concerns. We will supply you with state-of-the-art technology to facilitate the process, including comprehensive data on your colleges through our College Planner. And we’ll set up Google docs and give you thorough feedback on your essay drafts. Ultimately, our goal is to empower you to take ownership of the process. When you make your final decision, we want you to refer to your choice as “my college.”

By graduate school planning, you will have gained even greater independence having completed college and, frequently, having spent time in the professional world. Students, therefore, lead the graduate program search process. Frequent calls, texts, meetings and Zoom conferences/Skype/FaceTime meetings allow your McMillan counselor to provide direct guidance and counseling. And as with all our types of service, you can expect comprehensive feedback on all applications and essays.

Whether it be school, college or graduate school planning, you can expect highly personalized, step-by-step guidance from your counselor, as well as the backing of the experienced McMillan Education team and our cutting edge OWL Portal™.