What Parents Should Know

In the planning process for school-aged children, parents usually drive most of the activity and thus work closely with our educational counselor. As parents, you will most often complete your own part of an application, and meet with admissions official during visits with your child’s involvement as warranted and requested. We prepare and guide you and, when age-appropriate, your child through each phase of this process.

By contrast, in the college process, you will play a more indirect role as facilitator. It is crucial to the success of the process to empower your child to take ownership of his or her own college journey, while our counselor takes over the responsibility of establishing and enforcing deadlines. Done right, the college process plays to the positive elements of the natural adolescent urge to establish independence and allows for a venue of self-exploration. Parents usually support their children as they set goals and explore colleges by providing transportation, guidebooks, tutors, counselors and general encouragement.

By graduate school planning, you will have successfully navigated the college application process and are largely independent. Many candidates also bring a professional background to the graduate school process. You therefore lead the graduate program search process, while McMillan Education counselors provide direct guidance and counseling.

No matter the age, goals or capabilities of your child, our educational counselors have one interest: the long-term success and happiness of the student and family.