Edith’s Success With a College Placement Student With Learning Needs

That is really great to hear.

She seems to have approached this whole process with a completely different attitude and vigor – we are really encouraged.

Of course, we really could not be here without you and we are super appreciative for your guidance (and patience!).

I might take (daughter) up to those places this weekend – just trying to figure out my schedule.

Edith’s Success With a College Placement Student

Thank you Edith!!!

You have been so amazing.
Thad is taking (daughter) to Union and Skidmore this weekend….
A year ago I would not have believed we would be here…thank you!!!

Carolyn’s Success with a School Student

Carolyn received the following email from the parent of a school student.

“Hi Carolyn,

It’s amazing to see how happy he is and we just hope it stays that way – even if that means he would rather be there. That is the dream, right?!

Thank you again for all of your help and guidance over the summer. It was such a tumultuous time for us and you were invaluable to helping us get to the other side.

We’ll definitely keep you posted!”

Edith’s Success with a Therapeutic Boarding School Placement

Below is an excerpt from an email that Edith received from a parent regarding her son’s recent placement at a therapeutic boarding school.

“Thank you very much for shepherding us through this incredibly difficult time. We really appreciate your advice and patience.

It sounds as though (our son) is off to a good start at (therapeutic boarding school). I’m sure there will be bumps along the way; today was his first day of school, for instance, and that will be a whole new stressor! In his firsts few days at least, we have received photographs of him smiling plus several good reports about his attitude and engagement with staff and students. And, like I said, our 24 hours with him between Blue Ridge and Telos was nothing short of amazing. He even video-called with grandparents that evening, and my dad said that if he hadn’t seen the changes with his own eyes, he wouldn’t have credited it. We just have to hope things stick.”

Rachel’s Success with a School Student

Below is an email sent to Rachel by a parent of a school student.

“I cannot thank you enough for everything you’ve done to get us to this point. I feel like we definitely found the “best fit“ school.

Your help along the way was invaluable. I honestly thought that (school) would be the best school for him before I ever got involved with you. I can honestly say that the experience of getting him here was invaluable and at the beginning of the process this was just a guess. I also suspect he wouldn’t have been excepted without your involvement.

Please provide my information if you ever need a reference for other families.”

The Best Fit

For some time, (parent) and I have it on our minds to email you with an update – particularly about (students) experience at (school). To put it plainly, (school) has been such an extraordinary fit for (student) that I do not believe it is an overstatement to say it will be life changing for him.

He is walking around with more self-confidence and sense of purpose about his academics and other involvements than ever and he couldn’t be happier.

We know all the effort that you and the rest of the McMillan team put into advocating for him on that front – and couldn’t be more appreciative for all the help you gave him. This has clearly had an enormous positive impact on (students) educational trajectory.

Thank you so much for your help in creating this opportunity for (student). We are super grateful.

Thank you! Thank you!

As (parent) said – we couldn’t be more appreciative of such a positive process for her and to get some wins. We have so loved working with you both and are so happy to be teamed with you.

We were so impressed with everyone you connected us to. Truly. We couldn’t have gone wrong at any of the places. Thank you again for all you have done!

Independent School Family who Can’t Wait for the College Process with McMillan Education!

We wanted to take a moment to thank you and everyone at McMillan Education. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate the guidance and support. (Counselor) has been amazing. We loved working with him and couldn’t imagine going through the process without him. He is incredibly knowledgeable and patient. And his advice has proven to be spot on. When our younger son applies to boarding school we will definitely come back. And again when both boys apply to college.

Grateful Parent!

We want to THANK YOU so very very much for ALL that you’ve done for (student)! He’s so excited about the University of Denver – and we are as well!

You have done a masterful job at letting (student) drive the college search process while guiding him to make wise choices – and navigating our expectations and hopes for (student)!

We’ve already spoken with Don and Sarah about starting the college process next spring with (students) younger brother!

THANK YOU doesn’t go far enough – we are filled with gratitude for your OUTSTANDING work with (student)!

Appreciative Parent

I also wanted to extend a terribly overdue thank you for your extremely kind words about (student) after reviewing his neuropsych. As a mother, it meant so much. He is a kind, smart, special soul and I really hope to find a school that appreciates and challenges him and also celebrates his gifts to help him discover his full potential. (Parent) and I feel very lucky to have you advocating for (student) and are so appreciative.

Parent of Student Who Received a Merit Scholarship

We just learned on Sunday, that (student) has been accepted with an $80K merit scholarship to Eckerd College – one of Henry’s top choices!

(Counselor) has worked patiently and persistently with (student) over the past year or so and we couldn’t be more thrilled with their collaboration and (counselor) guidance.

(Counselor) put together a wonderful list of schools and (student) & I had the chance to visit 9 of them in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Colorado this summer and fall – truly wonderful mother/son times!

The list that (counselor) put together with (student) was a wonderful reflection of (counselor) ability to navigate our preferences and wishes with Henry’s priorities and goals.

George Washington Acceptance

This note is overdue, however, sent with much gratitude for the structure and guidance you provided to (student) during the college application process. (Parent) and I are thrilled that he was accepted at and will attend GW! I know, and (student) has told me many times, that he was in a great spot at the beginning of the school year to really concentrate on his school work because much of his writing for applications had been done. It is great for (student) to see how that kind of work can potentially pay off in a big way.