Team Leaders: Don & Sarah McMillan

Don and Sarah McMillan’s shared professional journey has been fed by their mutual love for working with children, adolescents and young adults. It has also become the cornerstone of the core values and set of professional practices that place students and their families at the center of McMillan Education’s work.

Their 30+ years of marriage and experience shepherding a pair of sons through independent day and boarding schools, on to college and into professional life have confirmed Don and Sarah’s conviction that education is at the core of the healthy development and fulfilled potential of every child, adolescent and young adult. This developmental approach to education is shared by every one of the educational experts Don and Sarah have brought on to their team.

As a group of educational counselors, McMillan Education is a family of families. Don and Sarah have deliberately recruited counselors who share their educational philosophy, are at the top of the field, and have been their most trusted and highly esteemed colleagues at some point during their long educational careers.

Our family atmosphere brings our students and their families into our supportive fold, where our student-centered and developmental approach to educational planning means:

  • Parents derive the comfort of knowing that we have been where they are personally and we bring the collective wisdom of decades of educational planning to all of our work
  • Students feel the caring, holistic approach we provide as mentors

Being a part of our educational planning family means working with a McMillan Education counselor committed to guiding students step by step to the educational environment where their fullest potential will be promoted and supported.

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CEO/Developmental Psychologist

Along with husband Don, Dr. Sarah McMillan manages the team of McMillan Education counselors. In close collaboration with the practice’s leadership team, Sarah enjoys continually enhancing the best guidance practices of the group by developing and delivering regular in-house supervision and professional development trainings focused on education and child, adolescent...